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Daṣamūla Ghṛta

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Daṣamūla Ghṛta is a medicated preparation made with the ingredients in the Formulation composition given below with Gh¨ta as the basic ingredient.

Formulation composition

Bilva API Aegle marmelos St.Bk. 307.6 g
Śyonāka API Oroxylum indicum. St.Bk. 307.6 g
Gambhārī API Gmelina arborea St.Bk. 307.6 g
Pāṭalā API Stereospermum suaveolens St.Bk. 307.6 g
Agnimantha API Premna integrifolia(Official substitute) St.Bk. 307.6 g
Śālaparṇī API Desmodium gangeticum Pl. 307.6 g
Pṛśniparṇī API Uraria picta Pl. 307.6 g
Bṛhatī API Solanum indicum Pl. 307.6 g
Kaṇṭakārī API Solanum xanthocarpum Pl. 307.6 g
Gokṣura API Tribulus terrestris Fr. 307.6 g
Jala API for decoction Water 12.29
Reduced to 3.07 l
Ghṛta (Goghṛta API) Clarified butter from cow’s milk 768 g
Puṣkarāhvā (Puṣkara API) Inula racemosa Rt. 12 g
Śaṭī (Śaṭi API) Hedychium spicatum Rz. 12 g
Bilva API Aegle marmelos St.Bk. 12 g
Surasā (Tulasī API) Ocimum sanctum Pl. 12 g
Śuṇṭhī API Zingiber officinale Rz. 12 g
Marica API Piper nigrum Fr. 12 g
Pippalī API Piper longum Fr. 12 g
Hiṇgu API Śuddha Ferula foetida Exd. 12 g

Method of preparation

  • Take all ingredients of pharmacopoeial quality.
  • Clean and dry all the herbal raw materials thoroughly before pulverization.
  • Treat Ghrta to prepare Mūrchita Ghrta.
  • Pulverize ingredients numbered 1 to 10 (Kvātha dravya), to coarse powder, add 4 parts of water, keep for four hours, heat and reduce the volume to one-fourth. Filter with muslin cloth to obtain Dashamoola kvātha.[1]


  • A low melting Ghrta, yellowish green in color with pleasant odour and bitter taste.


  • Pack it in tightly closed containers to protect from light and moisture.

Therapeutic uses

  • Vātaja kāsa (Cough due to Vata dosha), Kaphaja kāsa (Cough due to Kapha dosha), Vātakapha roga (Diseases due to Vata Kapha dosha), Sūtikā roga (Puerperal disorders) and Hasta pāda dāha (Burning sensation in palms & soles).


  • 12 g daily in divided doses.


  • Warm water, warm milk.

Physico-chemical parameters

Refractive index at 400 1.450 to 1.453
Weight per ml at 400 0.910 g to 0.940 g
Saponification value 180 to 210
Iodine value 120 to 150
Acid value Not more than 3
Peroxide value Not more than 6
Congealing point 220 to 170