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Ayurwiki:How to Contribute

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Registering an account

  • Use Create new account link to create your own account.
  • Please enter your full name and an appropriate user ID while registering.

Logging in

  • Login to Ayurwiki using the 'login' link on the top right menu at any point of time. Login is required for contributing to Ayurwiki'.
  • Select the 'Remember my login' option to ensure that you stay logged in on your computer.

Getting started

Ayurwiki is a work in progress. So, you can just start contributing by making corrections to the existing pages or entries. You need not have to add an entire page to start with. However, if you find information missing about any specific (Category:Herbs|herb or concept or vendor), you can start adding a page by searching it on the search bar at the top right section of the page. If the page does not exist, you'll be prompted to create a new page.

Editing existing pages and information

If you find something missing or incorrect on the existing pages, you can just go ahead and correct them by editing. Do not worry if you find the Wiki formatting hard to understand. Help is available on this when you're on the edit screen. If you make an incorrect edit or make a mistake - that should not be a problem either. Just go back and edit it again to correct.

Kit for getting started

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