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Aquilaria agallocha - Agaru

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[[File:Aquilaria malaccensis - Agar Wood, Eaglewood - Indian Aloewood at Munnar (3).jpg|thumb|right|''Agaru'', ''Aquilaria agallocha'']]
'''Ksharaka''', Agar wood is an evergreen tree growing grows up to 49 metres tall, though it is usually rather smaller at around 20 metres. The bole can be up to 60cm in diameter. The aromatic resin obtained from this tree is one of the most famous and most expensive on the planet. It has a very long history of use in religious ceremonies, at funerals etc in the Orient and is widely sought after as an ingredient in perfumery. Commonly harvested from the wild, trials are being carried out into growing it in plantations. 
{{Uses|Wound healing}}, {{Uses|Skin diseases}}, {{Uses|Worm infestation}}, {{Uses|Cough}},{{Uses|Cold}}, {{Uses|Asthma}}.
==Common names==
{{Common names|kn=agaruAgaru, agaru Agaru gandha, krishnagaruKrishnagaru|ml=akilAkil, karakilKarakil, kayagahruKayagahru|sa=kambojiKamboji, ksharakaKsharaka, kucandanahKucandanah,tamrakaTamraka|ta=akilmaramAkilmaram, akkuruAkkuru, kalimankamKalimankam|te=agaruAgaru, agaru Agaru chettu, krishnagaruKrishnagaru|hi=agarAgar|en=Agarwood}}
<ref name="Common names"/>
{{Leaf|Simple|alternateAlternate|simpleSimple, penni-veined with wavy horizontal tertiary venation, glabrous; stipules absent. }}<ref name="Leaf"/>
{{Flower|Bisexual|axillary Axillary and terminal panicles|Pale yellow||Flowers ca. 5 mm diameter in white-yellow with corolla tube and form in panicles}}

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