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Kvātha Cūrṇa

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General Descripition

Certain drugs or combination of drugs are made into coarse powder(Yavakūṭa) and kept for preparation of Kaṣāya. such powders are called Kvātha Cūrṇa. Althaea officinalis - Khatmī is used to prepare this churna.

Method of preparation

Drugs are cleaned and dried. They are coarsely powdered(Yavakūṭa), weighed as per formula, and then mixed well. the process of making Kvātha from Kvātha Cūrṇa is the method for prepaation.


  • Kvātha Cūrṇa is used for preparing Kaṣāya, Hima, Phānṭa, etc.


  • Kvātha Cūrṇas retain potency for two year and should be kept in air tight container.[1]


  1. The Ayurvedic formulary of India Part-III page no 73.

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