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Dhātryādi Ghṛta

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Dhātryādi Ghṛta is a medicated preparation made with the ingredients in the Formulation composition given below with Ghṛta as the basic ingredient.

Formulation composition

Dhatrī rasa (Āmalakī API) Phyllanthus emblica (Emblica officinalis) P. 768 ml
Vidārī rasa (Vidārī API) Pueraria tuberosa Rt.Tr. 768 ml
Ikṣu rasa (Ikṣu API ) Saccharum officinarum St.(Juice) 768 ml
Śatāvarī rasa (Śatāvarī API) Asparagus racemosus Rt. 768 ml
Kūṣmāṇḍaka rasa (Kūṣmāṇḍa API) Benincasia hispida Fr.P. 768 ml
Sarpi (Goghṛta API) Clarified butter from cow’s milk 768 ml
Kṣīra (Godugdha API ) Cow’s milk 768 ml
Mṛdvīkā (Drākṣā API) Vitis vinifera Dr.Fr. 24 g
Yaṣṭyāhvā (Yaṣṭī API) Glycyrrhiza glabra Rt. 24 g
Candana (Śveta candana API) Santalum album Ht.Wd. 24 g
Sitā API Sugar candy 24 g

Method of preparation

  • Take all ingredients of pharmacopoeial quality.
  • Treat Ghrta to prepare Mūrchita Ghrta.
  • Obtain ingredients numbered 1 to 5 in fresh form, wash thoroughly, grind and express svarasa through muslin cloth.
  • Take the other ingredients (Kalka dravya) numbered 9 and 10, clean, dry, powder and pass through sieve number 85. Transfer the powdered ingredients to the wet grinder, add cleaned Mṛdvīkā and grind with sufficient quantity of water to prepare a homogeneous blend.[1]


  • Medicated Ghṛta, greenish yellow in color with pleasant odour and sweet taste.


  • Store in a cool place in tightly closed containers, protected from light and moisture.

Therapeutic uses

  • Pittaja gulma (Lump due to pitta doṣa), Pittaja pāndu (Anaemia due to pitta dosha), Mada (Intoxication), Mūrchā (Syncope), Madātyaya (Alcoholism), Unmāda (Insanity), Raktapitta (Bleeding disorders), Asrgdara (Excessive bledding from vaginal tract), Vandhyatva (Infertility), Vātarakta (Gout), pittavikāra (Disorders of Pitta dosha) and Asthisrāva (Discharge from bone).


  • 12 g daily in divided doses.


  • Mixed with equal quantity of sugar and administer with warm milk and warm.

Physico-chemical parameters

Refractive index at 400 1.465 to 1.466
Weight per ml at 400 0.910 g to 0.920 g
Saponification value 175 to 205
Iodine value 35 to 45
Acid value Not more than 2
Peroxide value Not more than 2
Congealing point 210 to 170