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Citrakādi Taila

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Citrakādi Taila is a medicated oil preparation made with the ingredients in the Formulation Composition given below with mūrcchita Tila taila as the basic ingredient.

Formulation composition

Citraka API Plumbago zeylanica Rt. 16 g
Arkamūla (Arka API) Calotropis procera Rt. 16 g
Trivṛt API Ipomoea turpethum Rt. 16 g
Pāṭhā API Cissampelos pareira Rt. 16 g
Malapū (Phalgu API ) Ficus hispida Rt. Bk. 16 g
Hayamāraka (Karav¢ra API) Nerium indicum Rt. Bk. 16 g
Sudhā (Snuhī API) Euphorbia neriifolia Rt. 16 g
Vacā API Acorus calamus Rz 16 g
Lāṅgalakī (Lāṅglī API ) Gloriosa superba Rz./Rt. 16 g
Saptaparṇa API Alstonia scholaris St. Bk. 16 g
Suvarcikā (Svarjīkṣāra (API)) Crude alkaline earth 16 g
JyotiÀmatī API Celastrus paniculatus Sd. 16 g
Taila (Tila Taila API) Sesame oil 768 g
Jala API Potable Water 3.072 l

Method of preparation

  • Take all ingredients of pharmacopoeial quality.
  • Treat Tila taila to prepare mūrcchita Tila taila.
  • Treat Citraka to prepare Citraka - Śuddha, Karavira to prepare Karavīra - Śuddha, and Langali to prepare Langali- Śuddha powder separately and pass through 180 µm I. S. sieve (sieve number 85) to obtain fine powder.
  • Wash, clean, dry the ingredients numbered 3 to 5, 8, 10 and 12 of the Formulation
  • Composition, powder separately and pass through 180 µm I. S. sieve (sieve number 85) to obtain fine powder.[1]


  • Medicated oil, reddish brown in colour with a faint odour.


  • Store in a cool place in tightly closed containers, protected from light and moisture.

Therapeutic uses

  • Bhagandara (Fistula- in- ano).


  • External use for Abhyanga (massage on whole body) and local application.

Physico-chemical parameters

Refractive index at 400 1.4646 to 1.4665
Specific gravity at 400 0.8319 to 0.8539
Saponification value 185 to 200
Iodine value 100 to 102
Acid value 4 to 5
Peroxide value Not more than 1