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Bixa orellana

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Bixa orellana is a small but fairly fast-growing evergreen shrub or small tree. It grows from 2 - 8 metres tall. The bole can be 10 - 30cm in diameter. This is a plant that is very important to the lives of local people, providing as it does a very wide range of foods and materials.


Intestinal worms, Lower fever, Improves digestion, Dysentery, Vomiting during pregnancy, Throat infections, Muscular ache, Fevers, Colic[1]

Parts Used


Chemical Composition

Bixa orellana L. has been traditionally used in Central and South America to treat a number of ailments, including internal inflammation, and in other tropical countries like Malaysia as treatment for gastric ulcers and stomach discomfort.[2]

Common names

Language Common name
Kannada ರಂಗುಮಾಲೆ Rangumaale
Hindi Latkan
Malayalam Kurannumannal
Tamil Sappiravirai
Telugu Japhara
Marathi Sendri
Gujarathi Sinduri
Sanskrit Sindhuri
English Lipstick tree, Annatto



Reference: Dravya - Substance, Rasa - Taste, Guna - Qualities, Veerya - Potency, Vipaka - Post-digesion effect, Karma - Pharmacological activity, Prabhava - Therepeutics.









Evergreen tree



Kind Shape Feature



Type Size Color and composition Stamen More information
Flowering season is June to January


Type Size Mass Appearance Seeds More information
Fruiting season is June to January

Other features

List of Ayurvedic medicine in which the herb is used

Where to get the saplings

Mode of Propagation

Seeds, Cuttings in sand.

How to plant/cultivate

Annatto requires a frost-free, warm, humid climate. It can grow at elevations from sea level up to 2,200 metres in tropical to subtropical climates where a mean annual rainfall of 2,500 - 5,000mm is distributed throughout the year.[5]

Season to grow

Required Ecosystem/Climate

Bixa orellana requires a frost-free, warm, humid climate and a sunny location.[6]

Kind of soil needed

Preferring a moist, but well-drained neutral or slightly alkaline soil in a sunny position.

Commonly seen growing in areas

Coastal thickets, Tropical forests.

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