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Vrikshayurveda is an ancient text of India that tells us about how to grow trees and how to grow them better. It is a source text on arboreal medicine from ancient India [1]. It is said to be written by around 400 BC by Salihotra[2].


We are making an attempt to gather the source text of Vrikshayurveda on Please contribute if you are able to, to complete the source text. The source text is available below:


Bhumi nirupana, Bijoptivithi, Padapavivaksa, Ropana vidhana, Nise canavidhi, Posana vidhi, Drumaraksa, Taru Cikitsa, Upavanakriya, Nivasa sanna taru Subhasubha Laksana, Taru Mahima and Citrikarana.

About plant disorders

Vrikshayurveda broadly has two classification of plant disorders [3]. They are,

  1. Nija
  2. Aganthu

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