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Vata (Vayu) is the air element. Vayu is responsible for movements, hence it generates motion and vitality in the body. Vayu is responsible for nervous function. It controls the mind, the senses and motor organs. Vayu also stimulates digestive enzymes for digestion. The serotas - channels in the body are made of vayu. Communication between various organs is also due to vayu. Without the vayu dosha, pitta dosha and kapha dosha becomes ineffective. The elimination of wastes (malas) is also due to vayu.

Being active and mobile, the vayu dosha can transport other doshas to various parts of the body, where they are not required, increasing their levels and causing imblance.

Hence many ailments are due to vayu dosha. The maladies caused only due to the disturbances in the vayu dosha are 80 in number.


The above mentioned information is added from the book called "MUDRAS & HEALTH PERSPECTIVES" by "SUMAN.K.CHIPLUNKAR".