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Bengaluru, India


Kannada and English


Reading books and Drawing.

About Ayurwiki is a page created in public interest.

  • Ayurwiki provides free information about :-
  1. HERBS which have the medicinal use in it and how it can be used to cure the disease.
  2. Drugs (MEDICINE) which are manufactured by using medicinal herbs and plants as their by product and help to cure disease.
  3. Drug(MEDICINE) Manufacturers information such as name, place, year of establishment,... etc .
  4. Yoga which is occupying very important role in human daily life. Ayurwiki gives information about yoga. It includes Pranayama, Mudras, Practices, Concepts, ...etc.
  5. Events will help the people to know about where the AYURVEDA related program are taking place across the Country.

This is how Ayurwiki is providing information about ancient method of maintaining good health with no side effects.

My role in Ayurwiki

I have got a very beautiful opportunity to provide Ayurvedic information through Ayurwiki. I thankful to MR. HARI PRASAD NADIG Sir for encouraging me and giving opportunity to add information to Ayurwiki as beginning of my career.

Initially searching for information and editing page was not easy for me. But, after some days I got interest in this subject called Ayurveda. It made me to learn about our ancient method of medicine. Which is playing very important role in today's modern world. Ayurwiki helped me to learn how to add the content with licensed images etc. It is also a learning tutorial to me. I'm also a user in ayurwiki. I have edited the page and in future I will work to improve it in really good way.