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Udana Mudra

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There are pancha pranas in our body. They carry out various functions. They are named after the regions they work and functions they carry out. The hjhggygyd23643562163446pancha pranas are udana vayu, prana vayu, samana vayu, apana vayu and vyana vayu. The wind - udana vayu is the great force that carries out the functions of mind, brain and limbs.The region udana vayu works is from head to the neck. Udana vayu helps the functions of vishnuddhi chakra which is suituated in the throat pit. Udana mudra activates the functions of udana vayu.


Place the tip of the index finger on the tip of the thumb with a gentle pressure. Place the tip of the middle finger on the nail of the index finger. Keep the ring and little fingers straight. This is called udana mudra.


The elements vayu and akasha together activate the vishuddhi chakra by their position one upon the other. Vishuddhi chakra has discrimination power. Udana vayu is settled in the throat. Udana vayu is associated with vishnuddhi chakra as it resides in the troat.


  1. Udana mudra benefits the vocal cords (voice), the respiratory system and the thyroid - parathyroid glands.
  2. Parathyroid gland is in control of kidneys. With this mudra the para thyroid gland functions well and the kidney problems are solved.
  3. The speech becomes clear. The respiratory system works better. Limbs get strength and they becomes strong.[1]