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The origin of the universe and the five great elements

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Nature is the original cause of the universe. These are three qualities in the creation and they are called - the three Gunas. They are :

  1. Satwa - Leads to knowledge and happiness.
  2. Rajas - Leads to action for fulfilling desires.
  3. Tamas - Ignorance and lethargy.

These three gunas get distributes and they continuously transforms into one another. This leads to the creation of Mahat.

  • Ahamkara - Ego evolves from mahat and in turn, the five
  • Tanmatras - sound, touch, form, taste and smell are born from Ahamkara.

From these subtle elements five gross or physical elements are born. They are :

  1. Ahasha - Ether
  2. Vayu - Wind
  3. Agni - Fire
  4. Jala - Water and
  5. Prithvi - Earth

Therefore it is said that the universe is composed of these five elements. From the five elements are born five sense organs and the five motor organs. Mind is born from the mixture of these elements. Thus there are twenty four evolutes organating from nature.


The above mentioned information is added from the book called "MUDRAS & HEALTH PERSPECTIVES" by "SUMAN.K.CHIPLUNKAR".