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Sutshekhar Ras

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Sutshekhar Ras [1](Sanskrit: सुतशेखर रस) (also spelled as Sootshekhar Ras), is an ayurvedic medicine. Sutshekhar Ras is an Herbo-Metal preparation, which means it contains herbs and Bhasma (calcination) of "purified" metals as per Ayurvedic medicine preparation protocols of the stream Rasa Shastra.

Ayurveda concepts are based on three entities called doshas - Vata, Pitta, and Kapha - which are claimed to be responsible for the process of origin, transformation and destruction in every animate, inanimate, micro, and macro manifestation of the cosmos of which humans are a part. The human patho-physiology revolves around the stability and instability of theses doshas which are identified as humors.

An Ayurvedic physician scrutinizes the symptoms and prepares medicines which balance the vitiated Dosha. Sutshekhar Rasa is one such prime formulation which takes corrective action on the Pitta dosha. It is used in variety of disorders as per Ayurvedic texts.