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Rasa yoga

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General Descripition

Preparation containing mineral drugs of mineral or metallic origin as main ingradients are called as Rasa Yoga. These formulations may be converted into pill form.

Method of preparation

Drugs such as Abraka, MāKṣika, Svarna, Rajata, Tāmra, Kāṃsya etc. are used only in bhasma form in these preparations. Drugs such as Gandhaka, Manaḥaśila etc. ae used in purified form. Where Rasa and Gandhakaare the components of a formulation: Kajjalī should be prepared ans fie powders of other specifieddrugs are to be added in specified quantities. [1]


  • The colour and smell depend on the drugs in the yogas.


  • They keep their potency indefinitly, unless otherwise prescribed.


  1. The Ayurvedic formulary of India Part-III page no 287.

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