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Foot massage is called "Padabhyanga",and it has a very special place within the Ayurvedic tradition. It is commonly practiced as a daily ritual, especially before retiring at night. Padabhyanga includes massage of the feet. Feet are very important part in our body, as many nerves from many organs terminate in the feet. So massage helps to strengthen these nerves and restores health to many parts of the body. The marma (vital) points are massaged which gives balance to your doshas and is very helpful for people with insomnia, fatigue and cramps.

It is done with medicated oils as a part of life style concentrating on the pressure points of the foot. It stimulates the internal organs and senses.

Benefits of Padabhyanga (Ayurvedic foot massage) include

  • Helps to calm the agitated mind
  • Reduce stress,Anxiety
  • Activates our immune system
  • Helps maintain good eyesight and hearing
  • Promotes quality sleep
  • Improves peripheral circulation
  • Aids foot health (alleviates pain, improves muscle tone and nourishes,prevents and cures dryness & roughness of skin)
  • Heal cracks of the heels.
  • Helps to calm and maintain the "Vata Dosha" which, when present in excess, is regarded as the major cause of illness.