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General Descripition

Avaleha or Lehya is a semi-solid preparation of drugs, prepared with addition of jaggery, sugar or sugar-candy and boiled with prescribed juices or decoction.

Method of preparation

The Avaleha preparation involves following

  • Kaṣāya or other liquids
  • Jaggery, sugar or sugar-candy
  • Powders or pulps of certain drugs
  • Ghee or oil and
  • Honey.

Jaggery, sugar or sugar-candy is dissolved in the liquid and strained to remove the foreign particles. This solution is boiled over a moderate fire. When pressed between two fingers if pāka becomes thready (Tantuvat), or when it sinks in water without getting easily dissolved, it should be removed from the fire. Fine powders of drugs are then added in small quantities and stirred continuously to form a homogenous mixture. Ghee or oil, if mentioned, is added while the preparation is still hot and mixed well. Honey, if mentioned is added when the preparation becomes cool and mixed well.[1]


  • The Lehya should neither be hard nor a thick fluid. When pulp of the drugs is added and ghee or oil is present in the preparation, this can be rolled between the fingers. When metals are mentioned, the bhasmas of the metals are used. In case of drugs like Bhallātaka, purification process is to be followed.


  • The Lehya should be kept in glass or porcelain jars. It can also be kept in a metal container which does not react with it. Normally, Lehyas should be used within one year.[2]


  2. The Ayurvedic formulary of India Part-III page no 39.

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