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  1. Begin kneeling and place a bolster at your side. Engage the Bandhas to activate the muscles in the core of your body.
  2. Stretch the left leg out to the side and bring the sole of your foot flat.
  3. Place your right hand on on the earth in line with your knees.
  4. Create a stable base of support with your hand by spreading your fingers.
  5. Feel as though your body is sliding between two panes of glass.
  6. Lift your left arm overhead, bringing it on the same angle as your torso and extended leg.
  7. Activate your extended leg. Hug the muscles to the bones.
  8. Keep your pelvis stable and neutral.
  9. Make circles with your lifted arm. Visualize a mandala as you create this circular movement with your arm.
  10. Feel space across the front and the back side of the shoulders.
  11. Lift up through the fingertips of your top arm, using your oblique abdominals (to come out of the pose).

Technique in pictures/animation


  • It elongates the sides of the body
  • It is effective at opening the chest
  • It is also an efficient process to open the hips
  • It assists in removing the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome in persons wrists as well as forearms
  • Regular practice of this pose is effective at stimulating the thyroid as well as parathyroid gland
  • It escalates the clarity
  • It has proved to be beneficial at minimizing stress, mild depression and anxieties[1]

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