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Herbal Capsules

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  • Anticalculi Capsules & Pathari Kure - Useful in calculi.
  • Useful in calculi - This capsule replenishes the deficiency of iron and calcium. Ashwagandha and shatawari helps to reduce the stress and lethargicness.
  • Cough & Cold Capsules - Useful in cough & cold.
  • Anti Tonsilitis Capsules - Useful in tonsils & throat diseases.
  • Hyperacidity Capsules - Useful in hyperacidity.
  • System Cleansing Capsules - Useful in colitis, amoebiasis, chronic mucus, discharge & dysentery.
  • Anti Arthritis Capsules - Useful in joints pain.
  • Antidiabetic Capsules - Useful in management of diabetes.
  • Skin Tonic Capsules - Blood purifier and useful in skin diseases.
  • Anti Obesity Capsules - Anti obesity.
  • Tulsi Capsules - Useful for the management of cough and allergic cold.
  • Yashtimadhu Capsules - Useful in management of hyperacidity, gastric ulcers, cough and asthma.
  • Triphala Capsules - Useful in the management of constipation, eyes and hair problems.
  • Shankhpushpi Capsules - Useful in management of lass of memory and concentration.
  • Neem Capsules - Effective as blood purifier and increases skin glow.
  • Jamun Capsules - Useful in management of diabetes.
  • Ashwagandha Capsules - Effective in management of general debility and nervine weakness.
  • Arjuna Capsules - Effective in the management of hypertension and other cardiac problems.
  • Liver Tonic Capsules - Liver tonic.

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