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HeavyWeight Yoga

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HeavyWeight Yoga is style of yoga practice designed for obese men and women. The practice uses modifications of yoga's 24 foundational yoga poses, accompanied by a customized use of supportive language. HeavyWeight students employ props to support obese and overweight bodies. These props can include blocks, chairs and other devices to accommodate for the extra body weight, weaker joints and diminished strength of the obese. HeavyWeight Yoga's practice uses classroom lessons, yoga teacher training, and instructional DVDs for overweight and obese people which have been created by the founder of the style, Abby Lentz.

The practice of HeavyWeight Yoga relies upon slower pacing to encourage those who practice it. It avoids classic full inversion poses, modifying them so larger people can practice yoga. It is also appropriate for beginners of anyone who has a limited range of motion.

HeavyWeight Yoga does not include practices which enable students to lose weight. The language of the practice such as "belly well" or "energetic swipe" is designed to create yoga experience for obese people.