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Monkey Pose or Hanumanasana is comes under the intermediate level of asana. It is an intense leg stretching exercise, in which your legs needs more flexibility and stretching. So, before attempting this pose, you must have master in basic level of yoga.


  1. Kneel down on the floor, making sure your knees are slightly apart. Move your right foot forward and raise the inner sole. Only the outer heel must touch the floor. Inhale.
  2. While you exhale, gently bend your torso forward, and touch the floor with your fingertips.
  3. Now, move the left knee backward until the front of the foot and the knee touch the floor. While you are doing this, gently slide your right leg forward till it touches the floor completely as well.
  4. To finish off the pose and come into a split position, continue sliding your right foot forward.Make sure the toes are pointing skywards.Slide your left foot backward, making sure the toes are touching the ground.
  5. Raise your arms above your head and join your palms together. Stretch your arms and gently arch your back until you are comfortable.
  6. Breathe normally.Hold the position for about a minute, or until you are comfortable.
  7. Release the posture by shifting the body weight on the hands. Press your hands on the floor firmly, and slide both your feet back to the original position. Repeat the asana with your left leg forward and the right at the back.[1]

Technique in pictures/animation


  • Hanumanasana Stretches and strengthen groin region, hamstrings and thigh muscles.
  • It stimulates the digestive and reproductive organs, by boosting their functioning.
  • Monkey Pose Makes hips flexible if practice daily.
  • Stretches back muscles also.
  • Helps to release tension and stress.[2]

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Special requisites

It is essential to practice this pose correctly to avoid injury.

  • It is best to practice this asana with a doctor’s advice and under the guidance of a certified yoga trainer as it is not a basic yoga pose.You might end up hurting yourself if you don’t do it the right way.
  • It is best to avoid this asana if you have an injury in the groin area or the hamstrings.
  • At no point must the split be forced as it can harm you. Listen to your body, and push only as much as you can.

Initial practice notes

It is not a fundamental yoga stance, and it takes serious practice to play out the split. When you rehearse Hanumanasana (Monkey Pose) at first, you can utilize a cover under your lower legs and knees to make it more agreeable.[3]


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