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Good Conduct

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To remain healthy and happy, one must live a life guided by Dharma. Dharma - being righteous and moral, Arth - acquiring meterial wealth, kam - gratifying desires - should be done in a way that is a not mutually conflicting.

  1. Truth must be practised at all times.
  2. Every creature including, ones as tiny ants and insects must be considered equal and treated with respect.
  3. One must always be ready to help the poor, sick and people who have suffered loss.
  4. One must never disappoint those who ask for help or insult them.
  5. God, cattle, holymen, the old, women, children, doctors, superiors,guests must always be respected and protected.
  6. One must never possess things belonging to others or even desire them.
  7. One must guard against sinning and avoid illtreating even bad individuals.
  8. One must always be careful of those who have disrupyive tendencies.
  9. Stepping over a relasacred, tive, teacher, guide, sacred trees is inauspicious.
  10. People who think of the universal welfare should be befriended and approached for advice.


The above mentioned information is added from the book called "MUDRAS & HEALTH PERSPECTIVES" by "SUMAN.K.CHIPLUNKAR".