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Glycodab is an Ayush 82 (in tablet form) which is developed by CCRAS, Ministry of Ayush, Government of India. Dabur Glycodab contains four potent herbs: Amrabija, Jambu bija, Karela and Gudmar leaves. Dabur Glycodab has been developed taking extracts of AYUSH 82 herbs and formulated in tablet as a convenient dosage form. It is 100% Ayurvedic which helps to manage healthy living.It is completely herbal and having no Side Effects how far it also supports the body due to its special ingredients. The formulation is also known as AYUSH 82. It is research product of CCRS and ministry of Ayush. The efficacy of these drugs is well tested.


Contains extracts from karavallaka(Mormodica Charantia), Jambu(Syzygyium cuminii), Amra(Mangifera Indica, Sd), Meshashringi (Gymnema Sylvestre).


2 tablets twice daily or as directed by physician.