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Fidalgo's Herbal Medicines

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1. Coff Aid Syrup:- Coffaid syrup helps in allergic cough, bronchitis, dry irritating coughs and coughs with expectoration.

Key Ingredients

  • Mulethi - glycrrhiza glabra
  • Tulsi - ocimum sanctum
  • Vasaka - adhatoda vasika
  • Nilgiri oil - eucalyptus globulus
  • Pudina - piperminta sat
  • Kantakari - solanum jacquinii
  • Navsagar - ammonium chloride
  • Ginger - zingiber officinales

2. D-Stone Capsules:- D-stone capsule is an ayurvedic preparation, d-stone capsule helps in renal calculi (particularly in pelvis), ureteric calculi, crystalluria, and urinary track infections, burning micturition, renal and ureteric colic.

3. Aloe-Vera Juice:- Aloe-Vera Juice helps to aid in digestion, improve circulation and detoxify.

4. Appetate Syrup:- Appetate Syrup improves the entire gastro intestinal functions such as stimulating appetite and ensuring digestion.

5. Fidalgo Innergy Capsules:- Fidalgo Innergy Capsules have been specially put together to promote inner strength, inner disease / infection fighting immunity against recurrent illness and recurrent infections.

6. Fidalgo Le Mensis Capsules:- It is used to treat irregular menstrual cycle and amenorrhea.

7. My-Fe Powder:- It is used for anemia and chronic disorder, pregnancy, lactation, rickets, fractures, growing children’s healthy bones, and optimal growth and teething problems.

8. No Corrhea Capsules:- It is used for diuretic, anti spasmodic, stimulant, stomachic, disorder of pregnancy, useful in lucorea, and uterus tonic for female.

9. Digescid Capsules :- Digescid helps in relieving gas, acidity problems and peptic ulcers.

10. Eliver Capsules:- Eliver Capsules helps to protects the liver against various hepatotoxins also Eliver capsule Corrects and regulates liver function.

11. Fidalgo's Haematinic Capsules

12. Fidalgo's Coprovit Capsules

13. Coffaid Syrup

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