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FAQs on Mudras

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FAQ's on Mudras related to the questions or queries about Mudras.

Question 1: What is Mudras?

Mudras is used as a symbol in Spritual and ritual gesture in Hinduism and Buddhism. Mudras are performed with the hands and fingers. Mudras are also used in Indian Classical Dance form.

Question 2: Which Mudras are commonly practised?

Commonly practised mudras are:

  • Anjali Mudra
  • Chin mudra
  • Dhyanha Mudra

Question 3: When Mudras can be practised?

  • Mudras can be practiced at all times while sitting, lying, standing, walking or even talking.
  • For good results mudras should be practiced for 7 minutes continuously.
  • If a mudra cannot be made in both hands, you may do it in one hand only.