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Digestive medicines

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  • DIEX-BCapsule
  • DICAR Tablet (Digests All Types Of Food)
  • PEPLIN Syrup (Digestive Tonic & Enzyme)
  • DIEX Tablet (Diarrhoea & Dysentery)
  • ASPA Tablet( Best Anti Spasmodic)
  • EMET Tab (Anti Emetic Natural Medicine)
  • SODHAN Churan( Herbal Laxative )
  • SUPACHAK Tablet (Digests All Types Of Food)
  • ALIVE Syrup (A Superior Hepatic-Stimulant)
  • PAXID Syrup ( In Acid Peptic Disorders )
  • PROZIME Syrup (Digestive Tonic & Enzyme)
  • SEENALAX Tablets-Medicine For Habitual Constipatio
  • Madhav Balm
  • HEPATOSUN Syrup (Double Concentrate Liver Tonic)
  • Madhusudhan Kalp syrup(Anti Diabitic-Diabetes)
  • SUNCID Syrup (Herbal medicine in acid peptic)
  • SUNCID Tablet
  • LIVROSUN Drops (Liver Protector)
  • LIVROSUN Syrup (Double Concentrate Liver Tonic)
  • LIVROSUN Tablet (Double Concentrate Liver Tonic)
  • PAXID Tablet (For Gastritis Duodenal)

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