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Dhanwanthari Thailam

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Kottakkal Dhanwantharam Thailam

Dhanvantariharam Thailam is an Ayurvedic oil. It is used in the treatment of Vata diseases such as Rheumatoid and osteo arthritis, spondylosis, headache and neuro-muscular conditions. This oil is based on Kerala Ayurveda practice.

Dhanwantharam Tailam uses:

  • It is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, osteo-arthritis, neck pain and back ache due to spondylosis,
  • It is useful in treatment of neurological conditions such as Neuritis, Neuralgia, paralysis, facial palsy, etc.

How to use Dhanwantharam oil?

  • It is used for massage.
  • It is used in Ayurvedic treatment like Dhara, Basti treatment etc.
  • 101 times processed oil, called Dhanwantharam 101 -is used for oral administration.
  • Dose for oral intake is – 5 – 20 drops once or twice a day, before food, with warm water or warm milk, as directed by Ayurvedic doctor.
  • This oil is used for massage for ladies, after delivery, to improve body strength.
  • It is also used as massage oil for babies.
  • Internal use is advised to relieve fever, bloating and urinary diseases.