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Daśamūlaṣaṭpalaka Ghṛta

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Daśamūlaṣaṭpalaka Ghṛta is a medicated preparation made with the ingredients in the Formulation composition given below with Gh¨ta as the basic ingredient.

Formulation composition

Bilva API Aegle marmelos St.Bk. 240 g
Śyonāka API Oroxylum indicum St.Bk. 240 g
Gambhārī API Gmelina arborea St.Bk. 240 g
Pāṭalā API Stereospermum suaveolens St.Bk. 240 g
Agnimantha API Premna integrifolia St.Bk. 240 g
Śālaparṇī API Desmodium gangeticum Pl. 240 g
Pṛśniparṇī API Uraria picta Pl. 240 g
Bṛhatī API Solanum indicum Pl. 240 g
Kaṇṭakārī API Solanum xanthocarpum Pl. 2 40 g
Gokṣura API Tribulus terrestris Pl 240 g
Jala API for decoction Water 12.29
Reduced to 3.07 l
Kṣīra (Godugdha API) Cow’s milk 3.072 l
Pippalī API Piper longum Fr. 21.33 g
Pippalī mūla API Piper longum Rt. 21.33 g
Cavya API Piper chaba Rt. 21.33 g
Citraka API Plumbago zeylanica Rt. 21.33 g
Śuṇṭhī API Zingiber officinale Rz. 21.33 g
Kṣāra (Yava API) Hordeum vulgare Ash of Pl. 21.33 g
Sarpi (Goghṛta API) Clarified butter from cow’s milk 768 g

Method of preparation

  • Take all ingredients of pharmacopoeial quality.
  • Wash and dry the raw materials thoroughly before pulverization.
  • Treat Ghrta to prepare Mūrchita Ghrta.
  • Pulverize Daśamūla ingredients 1 to 10. (Kvātha dravya) to coarse powder, add specified quantity of water, keep for four hours, heat and reduce the volume to one fourth. *Filter with muslin cloth to obtain Daśamūla kvātha.[1]


  • A low melting Ghrta, yellowish green in color with pleasant odour and bitter and astringent taste.


  • Pack it in tightly closed containers to protect from light and moisture.

Therapeutic uses

  • Agnimāndya (Loss of appetite); Pāndu (Anaemia); Kāsa (Cough); Ajīrna (Indigestion); Jvara (Fever) and Plīhāroga (Spleen disease).


  • 12 g daily in divided doses.


  • Warm milk and warm water.

Physico-chemical parameters

Refractive index at 400 1.448 to 1.530
Weight per ml at 400 0.910 g to 0.940g
Saponification value 180 to 210
Iodine value 30 to 47
Acid value Not more than 3
Peroxide value Not more than 6
Congealing point 220 to 170