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Classic Medicines

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    • ABHA GUGGAL (A.B.):- Fracture & Dislocation
    • LAXADI GUGGAL (A.F.I.-1):- Fracture & Dislocations
    • VATARI GUGGAL (A.F.I.-1):- Rheumatic & Neuromuscular
    • GOUKSHURADI GUGGAL (A.B.):- Useful in Urinary Disorders, Calculus, Urinary obstruction
    • TRAYODASHANG GUGGAL:- Useful in Rheumatism, Sciatica etc.
    • RASNADI GUGGAL (A.B.):- Useful in nerving Disorders, Rheumatic etc.
    • Triphala GUGGAL (A.B.):- Useful in obesity, piles, Fistula
    • SHIHNAD GUGGAL (B.R.):- Useful in Rheumatism, Osteo-Arthritis etc.
    • KANCHNAR GUGGAL (A.B.):- Useful in tumours, Goitre etc.
    • KAMDHUDHA RAS TAB (R.T.S.P.S):- CHECKS HYPER ACIDITY AND BURNING SENSATION. Anti-biliary, digestive ensures assimilation and elimination etc.
    • KAPHKUTHAR RAS TAB:- Cough associated with Phlegm, fever, breathlessness and chest congestion
    • LASUNADI-RAS TAB (A.B.):- Effective in digestive impairment, Gas trouble
    • AGNITUNDI-RAS TAB (R.T.S.P.S.):- Useful in abdominal pain ,Gastric Distress& Indigestions
    • CHANDRAKALA-RAS TAB (R.T.S.P.S.):- Useful in cough, asthma, bleeding disorder & burning sensation etc
    • RAJPRAVARTANI RAS TAB (B.R.):- Useful in Dysmenorrhoea & Menstruation disorder
    • AROGYVARDHINI RAS TAB (R.T.S.P.S):- Useful in Effective hepato protective, jaundice, Anaemia, Liver and spleen disorder, Promotes health and stamina, improves digestion, liver and renal function
    • SAMSAMNI TAB (A.F.I. -2):- Useful in fever, Boil ,Skin problems etc. It improves blood circulation, kidney function and appetite
    • SHANKH VATI TAB (R.T.S.P.S):- Useful in indigestion, gas trouble, dyspepsia, amlapitta (hyper acidity)
    • PUNARNAVADI MANDUR TAB:- Useful in Jaundice, Anaemia & Gynecological Problem
    • KANYALOHADI TAB(R.T.S.P.S):- Useful in Menstrual disorder
    • KRUMIKUTHAR RAS TAB (A.S.S.):- Useful in Worm infection
    • CHANDRAPRABHA RAS TAB (A.F.I. -1):- Useful Urinary Disorder, Calculus, Urinary obstruction

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