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Body Care

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Body Cleanser with rose & rosewater

1. Body cleanser with rose & rosewater:- Indian rose oil is known for its exquisite fragrance and stress-relieving properties. The skin is left beautifully hydrated and soft along with an sensual feeling.

2. Body Cleanser with ginger & orange:- The tantalising heady fragrance of orange and intoxication ginger, freshens the skin of the body. leaving a cheerful impact on the mind.

3. Shower Wash with lemon & bergamot:- The tangy fragrance of lemon refreshes the tired mind and the uplifting fragrance of bergamot helps in the bath to fight fatique. A natural astringent and cleanser.

4. Aromatic Bubble Bath with lavender & basil

5. Herbal Moisturising Lotion with rose & honey

6. Herbal Moisturising Lotion with sandalwood

7. Herbal Moisturising Lotion with almond oil

6. Herbal Moisturising Lotion with pure jasmine oil

7. Herbal Moisturising Lotion with aloe vera

8.Herbal Bath Oil with pure vetiver oil

9. Herbal Bath Oil with chamomile

10. Aromatic Massage Oil with geranium oil

11. BalAshwagandha Tel - Ayurvedic body massage oil

12. Narayana Tel - Ayurvedic pain relief oil

13. Back Rub Oil - For lower back pain

14. Stretch Mark Oil - With mandarin & rose oil