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Ayurvedic Medicines

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  • Ayurvedic Liver Tonic:- Ayurvedic Liver Tonics are used for the protection of liver against different kinds of problems, stimulates liver function and prevents hepatic damages protects liver against injuries by alcohol, chemical and drugs which are toxic.
  • Ayurvedic Uterine Tonic
  • Lithotriptic & Alkalizer Ayurvedic Stone Remover Syrup:- It is an Ayurvedic syrup which helps in removing stones.
  • Ayurvedic Brain Tonic:- Ayurvedic Brain Tonic helps in boosting memory and strengthens nervous system.
  • Kesh Ayurvedic Hair Oil:- Kesh Hair Oil which helps in quick and effective hair growth.
  • AYURVEDIC BABY OIL:- Baby touch oil is an ayurvedic oil which is useful in babies growth and for many other things.
  • Ayurvedic Cough Syrup:- Ayurvedic cough syrup helps in reducing cough it is available with the combination of mulethi and tulsi plant.
  • Herbal Ointments:- It is an Pain relieving Herbal Ointment.

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