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Artocarpus hirsutus - Wild Jack, Jungle Jack

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Wild Jack,Jungle Jack

Artocarpus hirsutus is a tree seen in evergreen and semi-evergreen forests from south Maharashtra to Kanyakumari.


Pimples, Cracks in Skin, Sores, Diarrhoea, Skin diseases, Intrinsic haemorrhage, Poisons.

Parts Used

Bark, Dried Leaves, Leaves, Fruits.

Chemical Composition

The Artocarpus species are rich in phenolic compounds including flavonoids, stilbenoids, arylbenzofurons and Jacalin, a lectin.[1]

Common names

Language Common name
Kannada Hebbalasu, Kadu halasu
Hindi Kathal
Malayalam Ayani, Anjili, Ayini plavu
Tamil Kattuppala, Aiyini pala, Kurangu pala, Pei pala
Telugu Adavi panasa
Marathi NA
Gujarathi NA
Punjabi NA
Kashmiri NA
Sanskrit Lakucha, Lakucah, Panasah
English Wild Jack





Kind Shape Feature
Simple lanceolate alternate, spiral, clustered at twigs end, tawny hirsute, caducous, leaving annular scar



Type Size Color and composition Stamen More information
Unisexual 14cm long Pendulous, Ovoid male flowers in axillary spikes, pendulous; female flowers in axillary spikes, ovoid


Type Size Mass Appearance Seeds More information
Syncarp (sorosis), subglobose or ellipsoid with long echinate processes, orange when ripe seeds many, ovoid. {{{6}}}

Other features

List of Ayurvedic medicine in which the herb is used

Where to get the saplings

Mode of Propagation

Seeds, Cuttings, Airlayering.

How to plant/cultivate

In terms of taking care of the plant, minimal pruning is required Cutting off dead branches from the interior of the tree is only sometimes needed. In addition, twigs bearing fruit must be twisted or cut down to the trunk to induce growth for the next season. Branches should be pruned every three to four years to maintain its productivity. Stingless bees such as Tetragonula iridipennis are jackfruit pollinators, and as such, play an important role in jackfruit cultivation.

Commonly seen growing in areas

Western Ghats, Malabar Coast.

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