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Anti Stone Formation Medicines

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Calcurin Capsule

Calcurin Capsule is indicated for :

  • Clears urinary infections
  • Well tolerated, no toxic or side effects
  • Safe during pregnancy
  • Disintegrates and expels calculi, reduces the excretion of urinary oxalates and checks the growth or recurrence of stones
  • Reduces the risk of stone formation
  • Averts surgical procedures
  • Dissolves and expels calculi
  • Urinary stones and crystaluria


  • Pattarfori 100 mg
  • Gokharu - Padalium Murex 125 mg
  • Yovksar - Hordeumvulgare 25 mg
  • Navsar - bhasma Ammoni Chioridum 25 mg
  • Akkalkaro - Anacycluspyrathrum 25 mg
  • Punarnava - Boerhaviadiffusa 125 mg

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