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General Descripition

Medicines used externally for the eye come under category of Varti, Netrabindu, Añjana.

Method of preparation

Vartis are made by grinding the fine powders of the drugs with the fluids in the formula to form a soft paste. This is then made into thin sticks of about 2 centimeters in lenth and dried on shade. Netrabindu is prepared by dissolving the specified drugs in water or Kaṣāya and used as eye drop. Añjanas are very fine semisolids of drugs to be applied with Netra Śalākā.


  • Colour and smell depend in the drugs used.


  • Eye drops can be preserved for one year if kept in air toght container.[1]


  1. The Ayurvedic formulary of India Part-III page no 261.

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