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FAQ:Creating an account and contributing to Ayurwiki

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FAQs on creating a new account on and starting to contribute:

  • I did not receive an email for confirmation of account - We use sendgrid to send emails for new user account verification. In case you're using Outlook, there's a known issue where sendgrid emails may go to the Spam box or the Bulk email box. Please look into your spam box once to check. In case you still do not see an email, Contact us so that we can look into it.
  • What username should I choose? - We recommend that you select a username that is close to your real name. If you prefer not to, select a pen name that is appropriate.
  • Can I copy from other sources? - Sources may be under copyright protection. Please check and verify the license or the copyright notices of the source you're referring to. Copying from sources that permit such usage should be okay. However, it is *not okay* to copy content from sources without permission on the record.
  • How do I report plagiarism or copied content from the user contributed content? - Please write to us with URLs to the pages you feel have content copied directly from a source or from multiple sources. We'd value such feedback to improve the quality of this project by deleting such content. Further, we may block or suspend accounts that contributed such content.
  • Can I start writing in my mother tongue or in any of the regional languages? - Yes. Please add a prefix of the language code - for example, - add kn to articles that are in Kannada. Remember to add them to appropriate categories. Once we have substantial set of articles in any specific language, we can create a front page for the specific language.
  • Wiki Markup is too difficult to understand in order to start contributing - Connect with us and we'd be happy to help and support you to get started with editing.