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Ayurvedic Vati

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Mootra Doshnashak Vati
  • Mootra Doshnashak Vati: This medicine shows immediate results for urinary tract infections and other complaints like stone, bladder inflammation, swelling, ulcer, summer sickness, passing pus, protein, and other urinary ailments.
  • Raktadosh Nashak Vati: It helps to treats blisters, rashes, pimples, abcess and dandruff, these products are widely demanded in the industry.
  • Chandraprabha Vati: It helps to treat urinary disorders, chronic renal disease and menstrual disorder in female.
  • Raktadosh Nashak Vati: It helps to purify the blood.
  • Pachak Vati: It Improves the digestive power of the body and help to assimilate the food.
  • Sukhasarak Vati: Sukhasarak Vati enables the smooth passage of bile and helps in bowel movement, so that your system remains clean.
  • Ayurvedic Pachak Vati: It is helpful in digestion.
  • Raktavardhak Vati: Improves hemoglobin level, these products boosts stamina and builds resistance against disease
  • Sukhasarak Vati: This products helps you to enables smooth passage of bile and also, helps in bowel movement, so that the system remains clean.

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