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Dīpana is also called as Saṃdīpana

Bodhana Composition

Sūta (Pārada) - - 1 part
Bhu (saurāṣṭrī) - - 1/16 part
Khaga (kāsīsa) - - 1/16 part
Taṅkaṅa - - 1/16 part
Marica - Fr. 1/16 part
Lavaṇa (Saīṅdhava Lavaṇa) - - 1/16 part
Āsuri (rājikā) - Sd. 1/16 part
Śigru - St.Bk. 1/16 part
Kāṅjīka - - QS


Kalka of ingredients 2 to 8 is prepared first and added to Kāṅjika in a pot. Pārada is bundled in poṭṭali and svedana is by dolā yantra for three days.[1]


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