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Aristolochia grandiflora

Aristolochia grandiflora is the pelican flower and it is a deciduous vine with one of the world's largest flowers that emits an odor that smells like rotting meat, attracting flies.

Uses: Increase sexual desire, Snakebite, Intestinal pain, Gallbladder pain, Arthritis, Gout, Achy joints, Rheumatism, Eczema, Weight loss, Wounds.

Chemical Composition: It includs aristolochic acids and esters, aristolactams, aporphines, protoberberines, isoquinolines, benzylisoquinolines, amides, flavonoids, lignans, biphenyl ethers, coumarins, tetralones, terpenoids, benzenoids, steroids, and others.

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