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Argemone mexicana - Svarnakshiri

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[[File:Argemone mexicana 2749.jpg|thumb|right|''Svarnakshiri'', ''Adenanthera pavonina'']]
'''Svarnakshiri''', Argemone mexicana is an erect, branched, annual to perennial plant with prickly stems and leaves, growing around . It grows up to 60cm tall. The plant has a wide range of traditional medicinal applications and also provides an oil. 
{{Uses|Wound healing}}, {{Uses|Malaria}}, {{Uses|Fever}}, {{Uses|Worm infestation}}, {{Uses|Blood disorders}}
==Common names==
{{Common names|kn=arasinaArasina-ummatta, huttchu brahmadandiHuttchu Brahmadandi, mulludaturiMulludaturi|ml=kantankattiriKantankattiri, ponnummattuPonnummattu|sa= canaksiriCanaksiri, haimavathiHaimavathi, katuparniKatuparni, svarnakshiriSvarnakshiri|ta=cirikalakantamCirikalakantam, cetikkurukkuCetikkurukku, kurukkamcetiKurukkamceti, ponnummattaiPonnummattai|te=balu Balu rakkisa, kusumapalaKusumapala, pichy Pichy kusama chettu|hi=bharbandBharband, satayanasiSatayanasi, shialkantaShialkanta|en=Prickly Poppy}}
<ref name="Common names"/>
{{Leaf|Simple|alternateAlternate|Leaves alternate, 12-30 x 4-10 cm, dissected, semi-amplexicaule, membranous, margins spiny, midrib thick. Sap yellow}}<ref name="Leaf"/>
{{Flower|Bisexual|Terminal, solitary|Pale yellow|manyMany| 4.5 cm across, yellow; sepals 2-3; petals 4-6; stamens many; ovary 1 celled, ovules many, stigma 5- lobed. }}
{{Fruit|A capsule|4 x 2cm|oblongOblong, spiny, dehiscing apically downwards; seeds rugose.||}}
===Other features===

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