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Researchers have reported patients with Ischemic heart diseases benefited with bark extract from Terminalia arjuna has similar favorable antioxidant effect as vitamin E when given in doses of 500 mg/day

Researchers found that the plant with its arjunic and terminic acids, glycosides and antioxidants, decreased the frequency of angina when given in doses of 500mg every 8 hrs. for 1 week. The dose also decreased the need per isosorbide dinitrate, an antianginal prescription medication. Arjunolic acid, an Arjuna triterpene and a potent part of the Arjuna bark, may also offer cardiac protection


Cardiac Disease


4 tsf 2 times with equal quantity of water


Terminalia arjuna, Vitis vinifera, Woodfordia fruticosa, Jaggery etc.