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Centratherum anthelminticum - Somaraji

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Centratherum anthelminticum is Somaraji in Sanskrit.


Anthelmintic1, Thread worm infections, Stimulant2, Antiseptic3, {{ 123 - Not confirmed yet with clinical tests. [1]

Parts Used

Chemical Composition

Common names

Language Common name
Kannada Kadu jirage
Hindi Banjira, Somrajj, Somraji
Malayalam Kattujirakam
Tamil Kattuchiragam
Telugu Adavijilakara
Marathi NA
Gujarathi Kalijiri
Punjabi NA
Kashmiri NA
Sanskrit Somraji
English NA


Erect tall herb



6-10 cm long, margins tootherd. Base tapering into a petiole.


1.5-2.5 cm diameter. In small clusters. Purplish flowers; each head consisting of 30-40 minute flowers.


Other features

Stems and leaves covered with minute hairs.

List of Ayurvedic medicine in which the herb is used

Where to get the saplings

Mode of Propagation

How to plant/cultivate

Habitat or Distribution

Throughout India up to an altitude of about 500m. More common in waste places near habitations.

Photo Gallery


  1. Medicinal Plants, S K Jain, National Book Trust, India.

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